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The American does not want to refuse “juicy“ number “XXX PERT“

The owner of an off-road car with number board “XXX PERT“ does not prepare to refuse its use even in spite of the fact that other motorists accept it often for the seller of pornographic films and try to buy sootvetstvushchy a DVD-disk in plugs or at a stop at a crossroads. According to 78-year-old American Henry DeRossi, it likes such attention, informs New York Daily News.
DeRossi declared that he chose number with such letters of that it has own firm under name Expert Metal Slitters of Long Island City, but did not expect that it will accept for “pornodealer“. Besides, as the owner of “juicy“ number marks, because of this inscription it has also problems - for example when it drives the car on service, it ask to park the car in the most distant end of parking not to draw unnecessary attention of other clients.
In some states of the USA motorists can choose number boards for the cars, and the combination “XXX PERT“ is only one of 450 thousand officially registered 292 “personal“ numbers in New York. Many motorists stop a choice on names of favourite teams, for example, “69METS“ or “H8BSOX“. And others choose numbers “with humour“: “YBENORMAL“, “BLUZMAN“, “PMS247“ or “ISTOP4SEX“.