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Prokhorovs national car start in manufacture in two years

The owner of group Michael Prokhorov intends to start manufacture of the inexpensive car of new generation in the middle of 2012. About it as informs Reuters, Prokhorov declared in conversation with the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev who has taken place on Thursday.
according to Prokhorov, computer tests of model of the future car are already finished, and by the end of 2010 developers present on certification at once some versions of a novelty.
Besides, design works on creation of factory by capacity of 10 thousand cars in a year now are conducted. The most important thing that the infrastructure changes essentially: it is not necessary to create giants automobile. Assembly goes under the customer, and the infrastructure will be scattered on cities , - Prokhorov declared.
earlier it was informed that group became interested in the project of the city hybrid car, kotoroyj has been developed by Petersburg company . This car is equipped by electromotors capacity of 50 kw (about 70 horsepowers), to feed which is offered from the complete set lithium-ionic of accumulators. To recharge batteries it is possible or at braking (by means of system rekuperatsii for energy), or by means of a 0,6-litre internal combustion engine working on natural gas.
natural gas for an internal combustion engine is offered to use that at us is a lot of it , Prokhorov declared to the president.
the Settlement cruising range at such car makes 400 kilometres, and fuel consumption will not exceed 3,5 litres on hundred kilometres of run. The maximum speed - 120 kilometres per hour. Settlement cost of the car - 8888 euros.
in manufacture Prokhorov plans to carry out operational development of the car and its start by own strength, without attraction of means from the state. The owner of group asked for the president only assistance in simplification of standards of certification and a signal to development the market of the compressed natural gas.
as it was informed earlier, Prokhorov planned to spend for realisation of this project about 100 million euro.