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Owners of commands “Formuly-1“ Virgin and Lotus concluded a bet

The owner of the team of “Formuly-1“ Virgin Racing Richard Brenson offered a bet to the former partner, Tony Fernandez, owner of the team Lotus, informs Reuters. According to bet conditions, the owner of that from stables which finishes in the championship of 2010 behind the competitor, should put on in the form of the flight attendant.
Tony Fernandez owning airline AirAsia, worked earlier in musical business of Brensona, and now competes to its airlines Virgin Atlantic. Speaking about plans of the command for a season of 2010, Fernandez half in jest declared that the primary goal for Lotus - to outrun Virgin. “The most important thing - to outrun Brensona, - Fernandez told. - differently I will resign, and I will commit suicide“.
Acting on presentation of the command, Brenson offered less painful alternative.“ Time we began with music I think, we could choose music on its funeral, - the British joked. - but me Tony so I hope is pleasant that it does not kill itself(himself). At the same time it is obvious that we would like it to win, so I have other offer. It has an airline, we have an airline and if we win it, it could come and work on our airline, in clothes of the flight attendant “.
“ I suspect that he can ask us about reciprocity, - added Brenson. - So I need to check up, how much frank form at flight attendants of its company. But I would agree on such bet because it is absolutely assured of a victory “.
On Wednesday, on December, 16th, Tony Fernandez answered on site Lotus F1 that accepts a call.“ Excellent idea, - Fernandez told. - our passengers are delighted that they are served by the owner of a knightly title (Richard Brenson - a hereditary nobleman, - the note of But knowing Richard, the main task will make so that it together with tea and coffee did not offer itself. It will be awful “.
According to Reuters agency, a bet could join and the head of command Force India Vijay Malja who posesses airline Kingfisher. However comments from the Indian did not arrive yet.