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Command Formuly-1 HRT passes to Toyota race cars

Owner of the team Formuly-1 Hispania Racing Team (HRT) confirmed with Jos? Ramon Karabante interest to cooperation with Toyota company, informs referring to the Spanish news agency EFE. The Spanish stable hopes to use Toyota race cars in 2011.
Toyota company left the World championship in the end of 2009, however had time to design the car for a season of 2010. It plan to take for a basis in HRT by race car working out for 2011. Present cars for a command are created by Italian racing studio Dallara, however relations with it have been broken off in connection with unsatisfactory quality of race cars.
at the same time Karabante denied the information that the command plans to move to Cologne, on the former base of Toyota Motorsport to use its equipment and a wind tunnel. According to Karabante, the stable remains in the Spanish Murcia, “because the project was born here“.
Instead the command concludes the contract on technical cooperation with Toyota Motorsport for 2011 and 2012. The sum of transaction makes 15 million euro.
according to some experts, occurrence is connected with it at the wheel race cars HRT in last races of Japanese pilot Sakona Yamamoto. By estimations, sponsors Yamamoto brought to a command about five millions euro. Under other version, cooperation with the Japanese pilot - one of conditions of the contract from Toyota.