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Berni Ecclestone helps Porsche to return with Formulu-1

The owner of the commercial rights Formuly-1 Berni Ecclestone is ready to render complete support of the company of Porsche on returning in the World championship, informs Possibility of such returning was declared recently by the chairman of company Matias M?ller and the head of department of probes and workings out of new products Wolfgang Djurhajmer.
“It sounds simply perfectly well, - Ecclestone declared. - everything that I can make for this purpose, I will make. For Porsche we always will have a place“.
According to statements of a management of Porsche, returning in Formulu-1 can take place in 2013 when the new regulations should enter force on engines. According to plans FIA, present atmospheric 2,4-litre V8 in the World championship should give way 1,6-litre 4-cylinder turbomotoram. At the same time, against these plans present mechanics of the championship act.
Under some messages, interest to returning in Formulu-1 with new type of the engine was stated also by representatives of the company of Honda. So, the authoritative journalist and commentator SPEED TV Will Bakston informed on the page in Twitter:“ Heard conversations that one known Japanese autoconcern would like to return in Formulu-1 in 2013 if in races will be returned turbomotory. The concern name begins on a letter “H“, and comes to an end on “onda“.
Earlier the head of Volkswagen Motorsport Chris Nissen spoke about arrival possibility in Formulu-1 as the supplier of engines in 2013. Thus it did not concretise, which stamp of Volkswagen can be for this purpose used. At the moment Porsche belongs to Volkswagen corporation. At the same time Wolfgang Djurhajmer noticed that Porsche does not prepare to be limited to a role of the supplier of engines - the German company returning with own command interests only.
the factory command of Porsche spent in the World championship only two high-grade seasons, in 1961 and 1962. Last time Porsche company participated in Formule-1 in 1991 as the supplier of engines for command Footwork. However cooperation ended with failure - racers of a command only seven times could pass qualification in first half of season, and never finished. In June of the same year the contract between Footwork both Porsche has been broken off, and the command finished a season with motors Cosworth prepared by company Hart.