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Deripaska promised to exhaust the commercial car for 6000 dollars

The owner of the company “Base Element“ Oleg Deripaska - this company steers actives of all “Groups GAZ“, including Gorki car factory, - promised in the near future to start in manufacture the easy commercial car which will cost no more than 6000 US dollars. About it on Wednesday reported “Prime-TASS“.“ It will be the most competitive car in the given segment “, - Deripaska declared.
any details about this car, except its price, no. It is not known, on what platform it will prepare also what there will be its load-carrying capacity, it can be completed with what engines and how much is planned to exhaust such cars annually. Exact terms of start of this novelty in manufacture are not informed also.
if to a management“ Groups GAZ “really will be possible to save the declared price in 6000 dollars at retail such car, presumably, arrives at the price hardly more 210 thousand roubles. For the comparison, most accessible“GAZELLE“with engine UMZ now is on sale on 356200 roubles is, approximately, 9900 US dollars.
costs, truth to notice that“ easy commercial cars “now on the basis of VAZ“ classics “exhaust“ Vazinterservis “and“ an Izh-car “: The pickup costs 190 thousand roubles, and the same car with the closed body - about 200 thousand roubles. Truth load-carrying capacity of these cars makes only 575 kgs.