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Berni Ecclestone did not leave idea to organise Grand prix of Russia

Owner Formuly-1 Berni Ecclestone (Bernie Ecclestone) does not lose hopes to hold Grand prix of Russia, informs “Komersant“. According to Ecclestone, he talks often enough to representatives of the Russian authorities and considers possibility of carrying out of races in Moscow or St.-Petersburg. The idea of the organisation of the Russian stage is advanced very actively by the head of agency on physical training and sports Vyacheslav Fetisov, head Formuly-1 declared.
In 2002 Berni Ecclestone came to Russia on purpose to enter into the agreement on carrying out of races in Moscow, however then the transaction did not take place. According to Ecclestone, the agreement has not been reached because of financial difficulties of the government of capital.
speaking about a forthcoming season, owner Formuly-1 declared that struggle promises to be very strained. In its opinion, now there are some commands which are capable to win and is not clear yet to what of them good luck will accompany. Ecclestone also did not exclude that to Mihaelju Schumacher udastsja in the eighth time to become the champion, however much will depend on its car, head Formuly-1 considers.
the First stage Formuly-1 in 2006 becomes Grand prix of Bahrain which passes already in these days off. In total this year it is planned to spend 18 races in which ten commands take part.