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Owners of studio Karmann want to leave the company

Owners kuzovnogo studio Karmann consider possibility of sale of the company to the investor who would guarantee the further work and firm development. As informs German edition Handelsblatt referring to not named sources familiar with a situation, the similar decision can be accepted in connection with the financial difficulties Karmann, declared in last year about the beginning of re-structuring and cutting-down of 1770 workplaces.
according to the edition, Karmann already employed a certain German investment company which studies all possible variants of sale of studio and gives corresponding given to its owners. Some western experts consider that studio Karmann can be interesting first of all to investors from China or India. Names of potential buyers are not known now.
it is necessary to notice that in two years of studio Karmann can already remain without orders, and shops of colouring of bodies and a line of definitive assembly of cars in the near future can be closed. Lets remind that recently the company lost the contract with German concern of Volkswagen on release of a new cabriolet of the stamp which debut is planned for 2010. Besides, last year studio Karmann stopped Chrysler Crossfire assembly, and during the current year it is planned to finish manufacture of the open version of Audi A4. In 2009 the latest model will be removed from conveyor Karmann - Mercedes SLK.