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Owners of shopping centres are ready to build network parkings in Moscow

Owners of shopping centres in Moscow decided to be engaged in building of network parkings. As “Businessman“ writes, the project on building of parkings on 7-8 thousand mashinomest co-owners TTS “European“ both hotels “Ukraines“ Nisanov and Zarah Iliev, for example, prepare Year.
For its realisation it is planned to spend 100-130 million dollars. One of parkings can take place under square on quay Tarasa Shevchenko (1,4 thousand mashinomest), and the second - in Old Petrovsky journey (750 mashinomest). More scale project prepared by co-owner Perga Development by Alexander Radunsky, provides building along roads of seven thousand automated parkings the general capacity of 84 thousand cars.
as experts mark, in crisis rates of a gain of parkings in the centre of Moscow decreased four times - from 15-20 to 5 percent. Thus, the recoupment of one mashinomesta in an underground parking reaches 15-20 years that does construction of parking economically not favourable. Therefore, as experts consider, the Moscow authorities could give guarantees under credits which from banks are asked by developers on building of parkings.
meanwhile, authorities of the capital already extended among owners of shopping centres in the centre of Moscow “the informal“ requirement on increase in parking places or if expansion is impossible, on depreciation of a parking to 50 roubles at an oclock. Thereby the city government hopes to unload the Moscow roads.
in the end of November after similar “request“ of the mayoralty in business centre “Moscow-city“ a part of parking spaces have been passed in public using.
earlier mayor Sergey Sobjanin named the organisation of parkings and building of garages by one of priority a direction for the decision of a transport problem in Moscow in the near future.