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The customs loses billion dollars because of new duties on foreign cars

The Vladivostok customs receives less to one billion dollars because of introduction of new duties on foreign cars. The newspaper “Businessman“ informs on it referring to representatives of customs bodies.
last year the customs of Vladivostok assembled 62 billion roubles (two billion dollars), thus 45 percent of the sum made duties on foreign cars. Under forecasts of the deputy chief of the Vladivostok customs on Leonid Gurins economic policy, in 2009 gathering will be reduced a minimum to 40 percent.
according to the leader of movement “Society of protection of motorists of Primorski Territory“ of Dmitry Penjazja, the segment of the market of cars with volume of the engine to 1500 cubic centimetres will be saved only.“ On all other prices because of duties will be other-wordly “, - he noted.
we remind that since Monday, on January, 12th, new duties on import of foreign cars came into force. The increase in rates made 20-80 percent depending on age and volume of the engine of the car. The measure already called the public protest among motorists who spent a number of protest actions, including all-Russian. Sceptically increase of duties estimated in Japan (the market of export of Japanese cars to Russia can it will be cut by half) and in the European Union where new rates regarded as an obstacle for Russias accession to the World Trade Organization.