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Iran: transfer threats " the nuclear file " in UNSF are fruitless

Iran will stop performance of the additional report 2 the Nonproliferation treaty of the nuclear weapon (DNJAO), if Iranian " the nuclear file " it will be left in the UN Security Council, the secretary of the High council of national security of Iran Hasan Rouhani has told.

" transfer Threats " the nuclear file " in UNSF from the USA are fruitless as shortly after it happens, we will continue WRK in the field of enrichment of uranium and we will stop realisation of the additional report 2 DNJAO... That is obvious not in interests of Washington and the European Union " - has declared Rouhani, addressing to the international conference " Nuclear technologies and a sustainable development " opened on Saturday in Teheran.

According to the secretary of the Iranian Security Council, transfer of the Iranian business to UNSF on which Americans insist, contradicts the charter of IAEA and can call into question an agency role.

Concerning a question on activity in the field of enrichment of uranium, Rouhani has warned that " the suspension cannot be long, if EU aspires to entering the termless moratorium on the specified kind of WRK, Iran immediately... Will renew this activity ".

According to Rouhani, it is necessary to develop such " the formula " at which guarantees of a peace orientation of the Iranian nuclear programs would be given and enrichment of uranium 4 peace development of atom would be continued.