Rus News Journal

the observer who has Ill in Moldova of the Russian Federation has refused medical aid

the Arrested person in Moldova and the ill Russian observer has refused hospitalisation.

In an accident ward of regional hospital of settlement New Aneny " News " on Saturday have informed that 2 them it is delivered 45 - summer Vladimir Volkonsky. Imprisonment before trail was - warm insufficiency.

Volkonsky has been taken to hospital W pressure 160 on 100, have informed in a hospital accident ward. Now pressure - 140 on 100. Volkonsky has refused the further hospitalisation, have informed in a hospital accident ward.

Volkonsky among hundred Russian citizens has been detained at the Moldavian station Bulboaka. Local policemen have taken away all passports from Russians. " on a question of consular workers Y citizens of the Russian Federation are detained, the answer was the following - " they could not declare the purpose of the trip to Moldova " - has informed " News " The employee of embassy of the Russian Federation in Kishinev.

" From NE conversations W representatives of embassy of the Russian Federation policemen tried to leave " - have told in embassy.

the Russian diplomats have left on station Bulboaka to assist the Russians who have got to a conflict situation, and as a whole to understand a situation.