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SB Iran the Secretary of the High council of national security (VSNB) Iran Hasan Rouhani has CFMed with the data ABT the underground tunnel in Isfagane

has CFMed with the data ABT the underground tunnel which is under construction near to Isfaganom.

" Around the nuclear CTR in Isfagane the tunnel really is under construction, and we already informed IAEA on it. The tunnel is laid under warehouses, and razdutyj round this question scandal is propagation " - Rouhani at the international conference " has told on Saturday; Nuclear technologies and a sustainable development ".

Earlier US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice has urged IAEA to CK " suspicious activity " Iran, connected with MSG on the underground tunnel which, according to some information, is the bunker 4 protection of the Iranian nuclear technologies from it is rocket - bombing attack from air.

Mentioning a problem of secondary visitation by experts of IAEA of a military facility " Parchin " Rouhani has noticed that " the repeated request of Agency to visit the specified military facility is illogical ".

" Visitation of military facilities, moreover numerous, is not included into IAEA competence, and should have weighty substantiations " - the secretary of the Iranian Security Council has told.

In the middle of January, 2005 Iran has authorised inspectors of IAEA for environment sampling on territories of the military CTR " Parchin ". However then IAEA has directed RQ about repeated visitation of object, without having given concrete explanations.

Iran wins first place by quantity spent for last two W superfluous year of inspections of IAEA. As a whole the number of the planned and sudden visits of inspectors of Agency to Iran has exceeded one thousand cheloveko - days. Any proofs of presence in Iran military nuclear workings out it was revealed not.