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Syria considers illegal the resolution 1559, but Syria will disengage armies

will disengage armies from Lebanon though considers illegal the resolution 1559 UN Security Councils, the president of Syria has declared Bashar Asad on Saturday in speech to National advice (parliament) of the country.

As he said, the resolution of Security Council of the United Nations on a withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon breaks United Nations principles as has been accepted W/ O the reference to interested parties.

At the same time, has underlined Asad, Syria will never confront with the United Nations. " the withdrawal of troops is idle time from points of the resolution 1559 Security Councils of the United Nations and does not represent 4 us a problem " - he has told.

Accepted in the end of 2004 at the initiative of the USA and France the resolution of UNSF 1559 demands a full conclusion of foreign (Syrian) armies from Lebanon. The resolution 2 calls for disarmament of non-governmental formations in Lebanon (Palestinian and " Hezbollah ") .

As has informed Asad, the Syrian armies in Lebanon at first will be relocated in a valley of Bekaa, and then in area Syrian - the Lebanese border.

" We will disengage all armies in a valley of Bekaa according to the steps undertaken by us earlier 4 performance of Taifsky agreements and as that is demanded by the resolution 1559 UNSF " - the Syrian leader has told.

Concrete schemes and re-deployment terms will be declared next week at meeting joint the Higher Syrian - the Lebanese advice, he has added.

According to Asada, the withdrawal of troops from Lebanon is equitable to interests of Syria. " the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon does not contradict, and to the contrary, is equitable to interests of the country " - the head of the state has told.

As the correspondent " passes; News " from Beirut, the statement of the president of Syria for a withdrawal of troops from Lebanon has been met by an applause of inhabitants of the Lebanese capital. In city centre on the area of the Fallen heroes performance of Asada was listened by thousand inhabitants.

the Syrian armies have been entered into Lebanon at the desire of a management of this country in April, 1976. Their problem was to stop armed conflicts in the country during civil war.

In 1989 in the Saudi city of Et - Taif have been signed the agreements which have put an end to the Intralebanese armed opposition. Taifsky agreements provided a withdrawal of Syrian troops in a valley of Bekaa on border W Syria by 1992. However the withdrawal of troops has been postponed from - for proceeding arabo - the Israeli opposition.

According to Taifsky agreements, the question on the Syrian military presence at Lebanon should dare on the basis of two-way deals of Beirut and Damascus.

Now relations between Syria and Lebanon are regulated by the Contract on a brotherhood and the cooperation signed in 1991 according to which abiding of the Syrian armies in Lebanon has been prolonged.

After leaving of Israel from Southern Lebanon in 2000 Syria has spent five re-deployments, having reduced the military presence at Lebanon B4 14 thousand persons.

In September, 2004 the UN Security Council has accepted the resolution 1559 providing a conclusion of all foreign forces from Lebanon. The USA and France, initiating acceptance of this resolution, call Syria " immediately " to deduce all military men and representatives of special services from Lebanon.

Pressure upon Syria on purpose to force it to disengage armies from Lebanon the prime minister - the minister of this country Rafika Hariri and the performances which have followed it of the Lebanese opposition has amplified after murder in Beirut were. The intensity which has arisen in Lebanon has led to Omara Karame considered to the Prosyrian government resignation.