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Peres: speech of Asada - flight from the international requirements

Declared by the president of Syria Basharom Asadom a withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon is flight from the international requirements. ABT it as Rejter reports, has declared vitse - the prime minister of the government of Israel Shimon Peres.

Addressing to parliament of the country, Asad has declared that the Syrian armies in Lebanon at first will be relocated in a valley of Bekaa, and then in area Syrian - the Lebanese border. The detailed plan of a re-deployment, predictably, will be published next week at session of the Higher Syrian - the Lebanese advice.

According to the Israeli politician, speech of Asada is flight, instead of the answer to the resolution of the UN Security Council 1559 demanding a full withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon.

Israel along with the USA and France, initiating acceptance of the resolution 1559, calls Damascus for its immediate performance.