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Has died Gledis Marinas, the secretary of Communist Party of Chile

On Sunday in Chile on 63 year of life one of the most appreciable political figures of Latin America and more quarter of the century the permanent leader of communist party of Chile has died from a cancer of a brain of Gledis Marinas.

On MSG of regional mass-media, the president of Chile Rikardo Lagos declared two-day national mourning on deceased. The vicar of Chile cardinal Serhio Baesa has devoted Gledis Marinas a Sunday mass in which has noticed that " Chileans have lost the great person, the woman and the political leader which has done all forces and life to struggle for justice, for the social world in the country ".

Gledis Marinas has entered Communist Party in 16 years, in 24 years for the first time became the deputy of parliament that was very uneasy in Chile that epoch 4 the woman on a broader scale, and in particular 4 the woman adhering to the left belief. On this fast it was found also by the military coup d`etat of 1973 organised by general Pinochetom. On party Gledis insisting has emigrated from the country, but has returned in 1976 and combated in an underground up to dictatorship falling in 1990.

It was the widow. Her husband engineer Horhe Munos, a member of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Chile, has been arrested and killed by agents of special services of general Pinocheta in 1976. Since then she never married.

After democracy restoration in Chile, Gledis Marinas has headed struggle against neoliberal reforms in the country, begun by Pinochetom and continued by the civil governments which have come to it in the stead. It 2 was the initiator of national movement for prosecution of the military men who have been got mixed up in crimes of a mode of dictatorship of general Pinocheta.