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Victory in Lahti became a gift by March, 8th 4 Chepalovoj

Victory in 10 - to kilometre race at a stage of draw of a World Cup in the Finnish city of Lahti became a Gud gift by March, 8th 4 the Russian skier Julia Chepalovoj.

In Sunday Chepalova has defeated for the first time within the limits of a World Cup this season, having shown result of 26 minutes of 13,8 seconds. The second place Czech Katerina Nojmannova has occupied, 3,3 seconds which have lost by Chepalovoj, Frenchwoman Karin Filippo became the third.

Race in Lahti became practically race repetition on 10 kilometres freestyle in the World championship. The basic struggle was developed again between Julia Chepalovoj and Czech Katerinoj Nojmannovoj. Two young mothers who have come back to a ski track, in any way do not want to concede each other.

" And AGN I had to run on a lot ahead of Kateriny " - Julia Chepalova, when the correspondent " has told; News " Has met three generations of women of a family of Chepalovyh in hostel. Interview were given by three: JUlja, its two-year daughter Olesya and MA Tamara.

" This time 2 half of distance it was practically made even again to me on a race course, and the information to me, of course, came W lateness, - Julia Chepalova has told. - it was very heavy, but I in Lahti act already in 12 - j time and I know here ANY1 metre of a ski track. On last lifting and descent abounding with turns it is possible to win all or all to lose. I managed to win ".

Chepalova is happy with a season which will end in Oslo and Swedish Falune - ESP with performance in the World championship.

" a beginning Season it is careful to be in shape 2 the main starts. 2, only more strenuously, we will construct trainings in the forthcoming summer and in the autumn. After all ahead the Olympic games. I am going to act on all distances both free style, and classics " - has told ABT the plans of Chepalova.

Julia`s Trainings in literal sense pass in domestic surroundings. The trainer is the father - " Mihalych " as its LUVed grand daughter calls. Husband Dima Ljashenko - too in a national team. And now them accompany also the MA W a daughter. The new excellent base of skiers near Rybinsk became a LUVed place of summer trainings, by words Chepalovoj.

in Lahti Julia has won Race the day before 8 - go March. She wishes this day girlfriends and all women of Russia " Beauty, pleasures, LUV and health! ".