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Syria will disengage armies from Lebanon before parliamentary elections

Syria will disengage the armies from Lebanon B4 elections of the Lebanese parliament laying ahead in this May. ABT it as it is informed in a press - the release which has entered " News " the party leader of free nationalists of Dori Shamun has declared.

In speech of the president of Syria Bashara Asada from whom it has acted the day before B4 the Syrian parliament, have not been concretised terms of a withdrawal of troops from Lebanon as it has been calculated, according to Shamuna, on " internal consumption in Syria ".

the Withdrawal of Syrian troops in a valley of Bekaa in the east of Lebanon will begin on Monday, right after sessions in Damascus the Higher Syrian - the Lebanese advice W participation of presidents of both countries.

Further as president Asad has declared, the Syrian armies will be thrown on Syrian - the Lebanese border. On what party of this border has explained the Syrian minister of affairs of emigrants of Busejna Shaaban. In broadcasting company interview ˝NN she has told that the Syrian armies will be deduced on the Syrian territory.