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Harrazi the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iran has subjected to criticism of the USA for non-observance of positions DNJAO

Kamal Harrazi has subjected to criticism of the USA for non-observance of positions of the Nonproliferation treaty of the nuclear weapon (DNJAO).

" a number of the states possessing the nuclear weapon, and in a greater degree the USA do not observe undertaken and positions of the Nonproliferation treaty of the nuclear weapon. The main obstacle in a creation way in the Near East zones, free from weapons of mass destruction, is Israel which on a broader scale has refused to sign DNJAO, " - has declared on Sunday Harrazi on closing of the international conference " Nuclear technologies and a sustainable development ".

According to head Iranian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, " bombardment of the Japanese cities of Hiroshimas and Nagasaki Americans bear to the most serious threat to mankind, the world and the international security from presence of weapons of mass destruction ".

It has expressed a regret concerning that " nuclear powers scorn the obligations and not only do not aspire to reduction of quantity of nuclear arms, but, to the contrary, ESP, the USA create new kinds and systems of the nuclear tactical weapon ".

Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran has paid attention that despite signing of the additional report 2 DNJAO, projects of new restrictions are developed for the developing states which want to possess a full nuclear cycle in the peace purposes.

" the Possession technologies on creation of a full nuclear cycle at all is not meant by pressings forward to create nuclear armours " - Harrazi has told.

" I, - have noted it, - once again I declare that the nuclear weapon does not have a place in the defensive policy of Iran. Moreover, we consider as its serious threat 4 own security. Therefore, being podpisantom DNJAO, Iran insists on reception of nuclear technologies of a peaceful purpose ".

In the Iranian capital 5 - on March, 6th there has passed conference on which the wide range of the questions, concerning a nuclear problematics has been considered.

Participants of a forum have considered problems of power security in 21 - m a century, nuclear technologies and globalnuja an ecosystem, the Iranian program of building of atomic power stations, use of nuclear technologies in agriculture and interests of development, the creation program in Iran a nuclear fuel cycle.

Among political problems of the party have exchanged opinions to nuclear disarmament, IAEA role in atomic weapons non-distribution, to conformity of a nuclear policy of the USA to international law, creation of a zone, free from weapons of mass destruction, and to other vital topics.