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In Belgium spring meet carnivals

In cultural life of Belgium Sunday it has been marked at once by several folklore carnivals which have passed in French-speaking region of the country - Vallonii.

the carnival in Stavlo which culminations the well-known procession " is is Most known; dolgonosikov ". Throughout several centuries he is spent annually by townsmen in memory of participation in a carnival of friars.

According to a legend, friars participated in carnival procession up to 1499, when this " a liberty " to them has been forbidden. Nevertheless in memory of the ministers of the cult who has become by an integral part of a carnival, townspeople became rjaditsja in white monastic long robes W almuces. However and it was not pleasant to the local clergy who has forbidden similar action.

But the population of Stavlo has not surrendered. Townspeople have only altered the carnival clothes reminding of friars, and began to put on persons of a mask W a long red nose. On - visible, it, as well as a long robe, associated with shape of the minister of a cult of that time.

2DAY " dolgonosiki " or " Blan Mussi " as them call in Stavlo, during a carnival carry out a role massovikov - inventors who motivate to participate in it of spectators, immutably throwing them thus confetti.

the ATTN of public on Sunday was involved also with a carnival in the city of Uavre on which chains cheerful rjazhenyh adjoined W " avtokarilonom " specially arrived from Czechia. " avtokarilon " represents the musical instrument established by the truck a sound source in which bells minister.

burning in city centre on a fire " became the feast Culmination in Uavre; inquisitions " a stuffed animal symbolising winter and evil ghosts.

In Belgium it is annually spent about 350 various carnivals.