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On parliamentary elections in Moldova communists

On passed in Sunday in Moldova parliamentary elections are in the lead communists are in the lead. By data exit polls (poll of voters on an exit from polling booths ") The party of communists of Moldova (PKRM) has RCVed 42 % of voices, the block " Democratic Moldova " - 28 %, Hristiansko - Democratic people party - 14 %. Other parties, blocks have typed less than 5 %.

on 4 % of voices have typed Sotsial - democratic party of Moldova (SDPM) and the block " Party - the Native land " 3 % - movement " Equality "

Other parties and blocks have typed in total less than 5 %.

poll was spent on 220 sites, is interrogated 13 thousand 200 voters. The error makes about 1,5 %.

all the registered Central Electoral Committees of 23 electoral rivals have taken part in elections - 11 parties, blocks and movements and 12 independent candidates.

4 parties, and Hristiansko concern them - Democratic people party, Sotsial - democratic party of Moldova, the Centrist Union of Moldova, the Work Union " PKRM; Patrija - the Native land " Country Hristiansko - democratic party, Republican Party of Moldova, Party socially - economic justice, movement " Equality " - " a threshold " makes six percent from total number of the voters who have taken part in elections.

4 blocks from two parties - and it " Party - the Native land " - nine percent. 4 the block " Democratic Moldova " in which enters more than three parties, - 12 %.

Independent candidates should break a three-percent barrier to get on one of 101 parliamentary armchairs.

Under the law parliamentary elections in Moldova are considered taken place if in them has taken part not less than 50 % of citizens of the country possessing a vote. Such now in Moldova person is 2,4 million.

As has declared " News " Political scientist Nikolay Kirtoake, after definitive distribution of voices if to take for a basis results exit polls, communists can RCV about 50 places in 101 - local parliament, " Democratic Moldova " - third of places, HDNP - an order of 17 parliamentary armchairs. Thereby, has underlined Kirtoake, in parliament " there can be a fragile balance - 50:50 - communistic and anticommunist parties ". It, according to the political scientist, " assumes creation in parliament of very unexpected coalitions ".