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Luzhkov decided to increase penalties for a parking in 15 times

On Tuesday the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov directed to Moscow City Council the project of amendments in article 12.19 of KoAP (“Infringement of rules of a stop or parking of vehicles“), penalties providing increase for infringement of rules of a parking on the average in 15 times. On it informs “Interfax“.
to Capital deputies suggested to increase punishment for a parking on places for invalids with 200 to 3000 roubles, and the maximum size of the penalty - for a parking on pedestrian crossings or near to them, and also for a parking at public transport stops, - makes 5000 roubles.
on 5000 roubles it is offered to fine also the drivers who have parked the car on sidewalk with creation of obstacles for pedestrians, and also blocking ramps of congress for invalids.
it is necessary to notice that earlier the Department of transport and communication of capital and the Moscow transport union suggested to increase penalties for a parking at stops of a public transport with one to three thousand roubles.