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Plus one

On Tuesday at the Kaluga factory of Volkswagen new life began - the car factory passed to manufacture of a full cycle. It means that now at the enterprise will fasten not simply wheels and to hang engines on already assembled kuzovnye preparations, and independently to weld and paint bodies.
while - till the end of 2009 - on “a full cycle“ in Kaluga only two models will exhaust: crossover VW Tiguan and Skoda Octavia hatchback. However in some months Skodas Fabia join them (a class hatchback “In“), VW Passat (a sedan of a class popular in Russia “D“), and also absolutely new model - the budgetary sedan developed as representatives VW assure, “specially for Russia“.

“Speshl edishn“

It seems that Germans lay hopes on a budgetary sedan. With an ulterior motive after all a prototype of this model secretly from all brought to Russia and showed to prime minister Putin who visited factory on the occasion of start of “a full cycle“. The car very much was pleasant to it.“ While it is the big secret, I promised to be silent, but I think that it is very perspective model for Russia “, - the prime minister after viewing declared.

especially Vladimir Putin was pleased with that fact that the novelty has been developed specially for the domestic market. However, speaking about“ the Russian version “, in Volkswagen dissemble a little: the German concern declared several years ago the beginning of works on budgetary model for emerging markets (like Russia, China, Brazil and so on), for a basis for which was planned to take midget car VW Polo of last generation. And the future novelty initially projected in a body“sedan“- both in Russia, and in China sedans use where the big respect, than hatchbacks.
in Russia such car start to exhaust in May of next year. As the director of department of technical development and localisation of the company of Volkswagen Group Rus Vladimir Schultz declared, the novelty will cost all 440 thousand rubles. It is hardly more expensive, than Lada Priora and Renault Logan, but is comparable at the price about Kia Rio or Chevrolet Aveo (they are class sedans “In“).

It is made in Russia

But it is all in the future, let and not in so kept away. For now the factory extended manufacture of a full cycle of all on two models from almost twenty, exhausted in Kaluga - “Tiguan“ and “Oktaviju“. The others will prepare still on krupnouzlovoj to the scheme, and to “Volkswagens“ and “Skodas“ in November some models of Audi can be added. Which - it is not specified yet.
However, VW Tiguan, Skodas Octavia from transition to “a full cycle“ do not fall in price - the declared prices for cars of the Russian assembly differ nothing from the prices for the cars preparing “krupnouzlovym“ by a method. The most accessible VW Tiguan the Russian assembly is on sale, as before, for 997 thousand roubles is a car with the engine 1,4 TSI capacity of 150 horsepowers, a mechanical gear box and the quite good set of the equipment including the air conditioner, a radio tape recorder with format support mp3, the complete set of airbags, stabilisation system and so on.
Besides the base version, in Russia “Tiguany“ will prepare with two-litre petrol turbomotorom (170 horsepowers), with a two-litre turbodiesel (140 horsepowers), and in three fixed versions, including “an off-road“ complete set with a special weather-cloth of a body and “off-road“ algorithm of work of system of stabilisation. Almost all VW Tiguan in Russia are issued by request which is formed by representation on a basis of statistics of sales for the last months.
the Second model with Russian “residence permit“ - Skoda Octavia - in the cheapest version with the motor 1.4 still costs 579 thousand roubles (at this car is not present either the air conditioner, or stabilisation system), and the most expensive - with 1,8 TSI - 785 thousand roubles. Besides, after start of Russian conveyor “Skoda“ passed to the package order of options for model Octavia. For inexpensive versions Ambiente well three packages of options, and for Elegance - five. The manufacturer promises that it allows buyers to save from 18 to 37 thousand roubles: if earlier the air conditioner separately cost 44 thousand rubles now clients of Skoda can get a package of options for 46,9 thousand roubles in which, besides climatic installation, the additional airbag, heating up of seats, a radio tape recorder with mp3 and the rain sensor enter also.

on a price

So why cars of the Russian manufacture did not fall in price? Representatives of Volkswagen assert that “the full cycle“ had other problem: not to reduce the price, and only not to admit their increase. Thanks to local assembly “Volkswagens“ fresh, 2009 modelling years stand as much, how much cost half a year back whereas the majority of the competitors who have already sold stocks of last years cars, price lists are compelled to copy.
preservation of the “old“ prices allowed “Volkswagen“ to take the third place in Russia on sales among automobile groups, and also to increase the market share twice - with 3,2 to 6,6 percent. And if as a whole on the market recession of sales made more than 50 percent, at German group - only 20 percent.

that is why Volkswagen management is adjusted so optimistically: under their plans, by 2010 the Russian factory can leave on design capacity in 150 thousand cars a year that makes VW the second-large manufacturer of cars in Russia after “AvtoVAZ“. And by 2018 as chairman of board of directors VW Martin Vinterkorn declared, the Russian automobile market will be included into the five of the largest world markets - in nine years in Russia annually will be on sale more than 3,6 million cars.
and by this moment of Volkswagen it plans to be fixed thoroughly in Russia: also helps it with it not only a cheap sedan, but also good relations with the power. Knowingly VW became the partner of winter Olimpiady-2014 which passes in Sochi, and promised to give to organizers of more three thousand cars. Basically, the Russian assembly.