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“Mazdas“ will import into Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway

On Tuesday the Russian Railway press-service declared that Mazda company started to deliver officially cars to Russia through the Far East on the Trans-Siberian long distance railway. However, while on this port 30 percent of the cars intended for the domestic market will be transported only, informs “RIA Novosti news agency“.
Thus, the company of Mazda of the first of foreign motor-car manufacturers started to transport cars from the Far East to Russia by rail. In Far East port “Çŕđóáčíî“ of the car will be delivered from Japan by the sea.
as earlier told in interview Auto. Lenta. Ru the president of the European compartment of Mazda James Mjur, thanks to the Trans-Siberian railroad communications term of delivery of cars to Russia to be reduced with 80 till 35 days. Thus transportation of Japanese cars from the Far East occupies 9-11 days. On intermediate points in Siberia and in Ural Mountains cars to be unloaded yet will not be - sending in regions is still carried out from the central warehouse of Mazda in Moscow.