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In a management of a command “Formuly-1“ of Renault there were shifts

On Tuesday, on December, 1st, Renault team F1 made decision to appoint James Allisonas new technical director, informs Autosport. Purpose confirms that the former technical director the Bean Bell does not return to the duties, and continues to supervise over a command.
Bell held a post of the head of a command after in September of this year the former head of a command of Flavio Briatore, and chief engineer Pet Simonds have been sent in resignation.
Their dismissal became a consequence of scandal round the organisation them to deliberate failure of Nelson by Pique on Grand prix of Singapore of 2008. However at that time the decision who replaces Bell was not accepted.
the manager of Renault Stephen Nilsen is appointed by the sports director of the team, and this purpose should compensate leaving of Peta Simondsa. Whether the post of the chief engineer will be saved in a command, yet is not informed.
Besides, the command confirmed leaving of the director for technologies of Teda Chapski working in a command from the moment of arrival to it of Mike Gaskojna in 2001. Before Chapski was engaged in electronics of race cars of Ferrari and Benetton.
At the same time the destiny of a command is not defined yet. In the beginning of November the president of corporation of Renault Carlos Gon asked to wait for the decision “some weeks“, however till now any statements defining the future of a command, has not been made.
thus Motorsport, referring to the Swiss edition Motorsport Aktuell, asserts that the invitation a command of the Dutch racer of the Chinese origin Ho-Pin Tuna on tests in the Sherry proves that the Renault team is already sold.
In the statement on the site Ho-Pin Tun especially underlined that the Luxembourg company Gravity Sports Management is engaged in its management, and declared that is on a threshold of performances in “Formule-1“. As confirms Motorsport Aktuell, one of owners Gravity, Dzherard Lopez, and became the buyer of a Renault team, and he intends to plant for a wheel of one of cars of the protege.
for the same reasons, informs Motorsport, on tests in the Sherry there arrived the big delegation of the Chinese journalists, including from the state TV channel CCTV.