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Schumacher refused to return in “Formulu-1“

On Tuesday, on August, 11th, the sevenfold champion of “Formuly-1“ Michael Schumacher declared that he will not participate in Grand prix of Europe and cannot replace the pilot of a Ferrari team of Felipe Weight. As the reason for such decision pains served in a neck, called by overloads after preparatory arrivals on the Italian line in Mudzhello (Mugello). As an official site of the racer, Schumacher already informed the president of Ferrari on the decision to the Onion di Mondezemolo and the head of a Ferrari team of Stefano Domenikali.
Pains in a neck from overloads are called by a trauma which Schumacher received in failure in February of current year. Then the racer during arrivals on a line in the Spanish city of Cartagena fell from Honda CBR 1000 racing motorcycle, running into a hummock in one of turning movements. As it was informed earlier, speed of a motorcycle at the moment of failure made about 230 kilometres per hour.
“From the medical point of view we tried all possible variants, however my neck simply does not maintain overloads of“Formuly-1“, - Schumacher declared.“ I am very upset and I apologise before children from Ferrari and fans who worried about me. I can tell only that I made everything that in my forces to return “, - the racer added.
according to representatives of Ferrari, instead of Schumacher the present test pilot of Ferrari of the Onion Badoer takes part in Grand prix of Europe.
Michael should replace Felipe Weight, the victim in failure during qualifying arrival in Hungary. Incident occurred on July, 25th when the detail of a suspender from Rubens Barikellos race car got to the Weight helmet. From blow the pilot fainted and ran into a chipper. As a result of failure Weight received a brain concussion, a skull trauma, cuts on a forehead and a serious trauma of the left eye. At present Felipe is written already out from clinic and treated at home.