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The Moscow drivers warned about the first snow and ice

On Tuesday, on October, 12th, in capital the sleet is expected. On it to the correspondent of RIA Novosti news agency was informed by capital meteorologists.
Besides, snow is predicted and on Wednesday, on October, 13th, and it can form a snow cover that worsens road conditions in a city. On Thursday weather is stabilised, snow deposits will be short-term and local, however thus on separate sites of roads ice can be observed.
in the afternoon on Thursday and Friday in Moscow will be observed pljusovye temperatures, and at night the temperature indicator column falls to a minus of 3-5 degrees. Along with deposits, because of such temperature drops on roads ice can be formed.
in 2009 the first snow which has dropped out in the beginning of November, became the reason of road plugs in Moscow. So, on November, 6th because of deposits movement on all extent of the Third transport ring, in the northwest of the Garden ring, and also in the southwest and MKAD northeast has been paralysed. Thus length of some traffic blocks on the Moscow ring highway exceeded nine kilometres, and the total length of plugs in Moscow exceeded 955 kilometres.