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To the USA presented a double hybrid hatchback of Honda CR-Z

On Tuesday, on January, 12th, on the Detroit autoshow the presentation of a double hybrid hatchback of Honda CR-Z took place. The car is created on motives of the concept car with the same name which has been shown for the first time at an exhibition in Tokyo in October, 2007, and outwardly practically differs nothing from a prototype. The exception makes only front bumper with air intakes of other form, less fanned wheel arches and wider tail lights.
as it was informed earlier, the novelty is constructed on the platform of the car of Honda Insight truncated on 115 millimetres and equipped by the 122-strong four-cylinder petrol motor in volume of 1,5 litres which can work in steam both with a six-step mechanical gear box, and with besstupenchatym variator CVT. Besides this unit the structure of a hybrid power-plant includes 10-kilovattnyj the electromotor and the complete set nickel-metallgidridnyh of the accumulators located in a luggage compartment. According to some information, from zero to hundred kilometres per hour CR-Z it is capable to be dispersed for 9,7 seconds.
installation has three modes of behaviour - “sports“, “economic“ and “normal“ which the driver can choose the keys located to the left of a metre panel. After activation of each of modes the control electronics will change steering options, the response to pressing of a pedal of gas, an electromotor and air conditioner operating time. Besides, the car is equipped by system of an automatic stop and a starting engine operation.
according to the Japanese company, on a line average fuel consumption of hybrid CR-Z equipped with “mechanics“, makes about 6,3-7,5 litres on hundred kilometres of run, in the version with a variator - 6,1-6,5 litres.
sales of a hybrid of Honda CR-Z begin summer of this year in the USA. It is expected that car cost in a basic set makes about 20 thousand dollars.