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poparkovalis, also suffices

On Tuesday, on January, 12th, at session of the Moscow government the bill “About seating avtomototransportnyh means in the city of Moscow“ was considered. Before session this document came into the hands to journalists of the selected capital and federal editions and as a result news lines still in Monday zapestreli the loud headings which essence was reduced to that the Moscow authorities prepare not only to take down all Moscow garages - of “cockleshell“, but also in general to forbid parking of cars in court yard and in adjoining territories.

from a court yard

it is valid, to capital motorists is about what to reflect, reading endurances from preparing for consideration in bill Moscow City Council. So, for example, ÃÀÇÅÒÀ.GZT.RU published endurance from the explanatory note in which it is said that under the new law “seating of vehicles in intradomestic territories out of specially equipped places is not supposed, at presence around residing (step-by-step availability) organised places of storage or presence within area of a city paid parking“.
That is, for example, if nearby to the house there is a municipal paid parking to leave the car in a court yard “for nothing“ as it becomes now, it does not turn out any more. At least, without breaking the law.
however the present sensation the interdiction of a free parking in court yard had not time to become - legislators almost at once otkrestilis from these plans.“ Deputies represent interests of Muscovites to the authorities, and to clean cars from court yard do not admit “, - quotes the speaker of Moscow City Council Vladimir Platonova of RIA Novosti news agency. Moreover, the chairman of a capital thought told that after meeting on which there were deputies, the point on a parking interdiction in the Moscow court yard from the document has been cleaned.

“case“- the eremite

And here the interdiction of“shelly“building in the bill, seemingly, remained. In same“Newspaper“published all to endurance from 9 articles of the bill it is said that“ installation of the new constructions which are not capital objects, for the purpose of seating avtomototransportnyh means for the city territories of Moscow is not supposed “.
At first sight, this position of Muscovites hardly upsets - all possible and impossible places for installation of“temporary barracks“from the goffered metal in capital court yard are occupied for a long time already. However nobody knows that will be with existing“cockleshells“. As war with illegal (that is established without the corresponding permission of municipal authorities) “canopies“ which the Moscow government conducts more than ten years, without having on that the suitable law and using only own orders, regularly calls indignation from townspeople.
in the document offered by the capital government radical methods of struggle against illegal building are offered for legalising. And founders introduced in the bill position which allows to take down not only those “cockleshells“ which have been established with infringements (that is all garages without correctly issued documents of ground rent, and also not capital garages on platforms near high-rise buildings, including court yard, on nurseries and athletic fields, on school and detsadovskih territories, on lawns and in the planted trees and shrubs territories, on highways, the areas, streets, walking paths, vnutridvornyh prodrivings, sidewalks, sites over engineering constructions, in security zones of ventilating mines and monuments of culture and history), but also those “cases“ which simply stand not on specially equipped platforms. And such garages in capital - the majority.

how much garages for the people

Actually it means preparing total zachistku the Moscow court yard from all kinds of garage “temporary barracks“. And experts assume that the government of Moscow decided to take this step to force capital inhabitants to buy places in “National garages“ - municipal many-storeyed parkings with which help the capital government since 2006 promises to solve a problem with night parking of cars in capital and which building began only in 2009.

So it turned out that for those some years while “the national“ project prepared for realisation, cost of one mashinomesta increased in it from several thousand to 10-12 thousand dollars. Considering that in practice it is any not garage, and only a piece of a concrete floor in a many-storeyed parking - “mashinomesto“, the municipal program at motorists does not use special success. According to capital officials while it is bought no more than 30 percent from total number of parking spaces in under construction “National garages“.
To measures of any builder, such sales it is insignificant are small, and for the project which initially provided individual share in financing of the state and the future proprietors, it and at all accident. Naturally, in the capital government it understand and try to raise appeal of “National garages“.
last year the program subsidised (from the city budget) “a garage mortgage“ has been for this purpose developed, and in the come year officials started talking about a total pulling down of competitors - “cockleshells“.


Certainly, the bill is yet the law, and to an embodiment in life it can and not live. However the document under the name “About seating avtomototransportnyh means in the city of Moscow“, judging by a sensation which was hoisted round it by the city authorities, necessarily gets to Moscow City Council.
However, as the definitive version of this document will look, now to predict difficult - changes in the bill are brought at all stages of preparation, including the first considerations in parliament. While, by results of discussion in the government of Moscow, consideration of this document is postponed for a month as this variant seemed to officials too “crude“. For example, the first deputy of the mayor of Moscow Yury Rosljak declared that some positions of the project contradict the federal legislation, and the main architect Alexander Kuzmin asked to specify the concepts registered in the law, and also to formulate more precisely, where exactly it is impossible to park motor transport.
but “cockleshells“ are, seemingly, doomed - last year in capital was planned to put in operation 162 of “National garage“, and in 2010 officials want to construct 423 more many-tier parkings the general capacity of 147 thousand mashinomest. It is necessary to “prepare“ buyers.