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“Yandex“ named the most loaded roads to Moscow

On Tuesday, on March, 2nd, the analytical centre “Yandex. Plugs“ published results of probe of congestion of roads in Moscow. As they say in the official press release, the centre finds out the general extent of traffic blocks in cities, and also on what directions, streets and during what time of days the greatest quantity of cars accumulates.
According to this data, December of last year became the heaviest for motorists month - with the greatest congestion of roads for all history of supervision of “Yandex“-. In Moscow the general extent of plugs about morning rush hour (from 9 oclock till 10 oclock) reached 980 kilometres that equals to distance from the Russian capital to Kiev. For comparison, in St.-Petersburg traffic blocks reached 580 kilometres, and in Ekaterinburg - 83 kilometres. As it was informed earlier, in December of a plug in Moscow have been called by strong snowfalls. Only in one of days of this month 25 centimetres of snow dropped out.
by the Most loaded directions in the winter in Moscow have been recognised east (the Volgograd and Ryazan prospectus, highway of Enthusiasts and the Shchelkovo highway) and southern (Trade-union street, Antropovs prospectus, the Warsaw and Kashirsky highway). And by the most free direction it has been named western (Zvenigorodsky and Rublevsky highway, Lenin, Michurinsk, Kutuzovsky prospectuses).
Also in probe capital streets where movement is complicated almost all time are allocated. In first half of February of current year streets with the greatest duration of plugs of a steel: Rusakovsky street (174 hours of traffic blocks), Maroseyka and Pokrovka (160 hours), Wood street (152 hours), Mjasnitsky street (150 hours), Krasnobogatyrsky street (149 hours).
As it is marked in “Yandex“ probe, Muscovites spend in plugs approximately in one and a half time of more time, than inhabitants of Petersburg, and in the morning peak in Kiev and in the evening in Ekaterinburg a situation on roads almost same, as well as in capital.