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Toyota company declared a new response of cars

On Tuesday, on February, 2nd, Toyota Motor company declared increase in number of the markets from which cars with defective pedals of gas respond. Now to the USA, Europe and China where the service action already operates, the Near East, Africa and Latin America was added. On it informs AFP.
In total from these markets Toyota company withdraws 180 thousand the cars imported from the USA. In the Near East on service stations it is necessary to address to owners of 40 thousand sedans Avalon (2005-2010) and off-road cars Sequoia (assembled in 2009 and 2010). In Africa and Latin America under campaign action got 80 and 60 thousand cars accordingly.
by earlier Japanese motor-car manufacturer it has been declared a response for the similar reason of 1,8 million cars in Europe and 3,39 million in the USA. Besides, in the North America on service it is necessary to address to owners of 3,8 million more “Toyotas“ at which the rug before a drivers armchair can block a gas pedal. Total number of the cars falling under action of service actions, comes nearer to nine millions. Besides, in connection with responses of sale of eight models of Toyota in the USA have been suspended.