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“GAZ“ began release of diesel “GAZELLES“

On Tuesday, on July, 20th, “the Group GAZ“ declared the beginning of a batch production of diesel version of car “GAZELLE-business“. As they say in the communique, the unit resource makes 500 thousand kilometres, thus fuel consumption of such car in comparison with petrol versions on the average for 30-35 percent is less, and possession cost approximately for 20 percent more low.
the novelty begins to be equipped with company Cummins diesel engine. Its volume makes 2,8 litres, capacity is equal to 120 horsepowers, and the maximum twisting moment - 270 Nanometers. According to the manufacturer, settlement fuel consumption on hundred kilometres of run at speed of 60 and 80 kilometres per hour reaches 8,5 and 10,3 litres accordingly. Diesel “GAZELLE“ is certificated for conformity to the ecological standard “Euro-3“. In the company notice that work for approval reception under norms “Euro-4“ and “Euro-5“ is now conducted.
That diesel engine installation on “GAZELLE“ became possible, engineers had to equip the car with the strengthened gear box with the optimised reduction ratios and the adapted clutch. Besides, the car received the modernised steering, other systems of an admission and release, and also the modifed feed system and an electrical equipment. As an option for diesel “GAZELLES“ (only for buses - base equipment) will be offered independent dogrevatel systems of heating of interior.
cost of diesel “GAZELLE“ yet is not informed.
“GAZELLES“ also are accessible with two gasoline engines on a choice - Chrysler in volume of 2,4 litres and ÓĚÇ-4216 in volume 2,9 litres.