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The invincible

On Tuesday, on January, 20th, to Russia winners of “Dakar-2009“ - three crews of a command “Kamaz-master“ which took the first, second and fourth place in offset of auto trucks come back. Firdaus Kabirov which have won race, is now the double winner of “Dakar“, and Vladimir Chagin - the fivefold winner of a marathon - finished the second.

in 2009 main planet rally-marathon for the first time in history passed not on territory of Africa. Company ASO which is engaged in the organisation of spot-check “Dakar“, transferred a route of a legendary marathon to the South America, saving thus the traditional name of race.
on the other hand, it is good that rally in general took place! After all “Dakar-2008“ has been excellent on the eve of start because of threat of acts of terrorism from the radical organisations of Mauritania. With it, and also with instability of a political situation in Africa in general, also carrying over of a marathon to new scenery has been connected.
As a result, in 2009 the caravan from almost 600 crews should start from Buenos Aires, to reach to the Chilean city of Valparaiso, and then to return to capital of Argentina. In total for participation in rally 217 motorcyclists, 25 pilots kvadrotsiklov, 177 crews on cars and 81 crew by auto trucks were declared. Among them - three cars of a command “Kamaz-master“ and more nine Russian crews which acted in offset of cars. Extent of a distance - 5652 kilometres broken on 14 spetsuchastkov.

Auto trucks

In offset of auto trucks the first day of “Dakar“ unexpectedly for many won two Dutch crews - Marseilles Van Is poured in also by Zherar de the Plenty on “Zhinafah“ (Ginaf). They for 22 seconds outran Ilgizara Mardeeva on “KamAZe“, and Vladimir Chagin and at all finished only the fourth. But, as it appeared, simply it was required to “ours“ hardly to more time for a warming up - already in the second day of a marathon of Van It is poured in started to lag behind group of leaders, and the second place passed to Kabirovu.

At the full capacity “KamAZy“ “shot“ after even days - six spetsuchastkov successively by turns won Vladimir Chagin, Zherar de the Plenty and Firdaus Kabirov. But in leaders of race after all this “leapfrog“ there were Kabirov and Chagin who were occupied with first two lines of reports, and de the Plenty lagged behind them for 25 minutes.
solving blow on positions de the Plenty in a marathon has been put on the ninth spetsuchastke. Starting that day the first among auto trucks the Czech of Tomash Tomechek got to serious failure. The first to the place of incident there arrived crew of Kabirova which stopped to assist the Czech racers. After a while on a place of accident arrived essentially lagging behind the schedule de the Plenty - the Dutch too stopped and offered the help. It, fortunately, any more was not useful, and Ginaf de the Plenty went further.

On finish of it “dopa“ Chagin outran the nearest persecutors more than on half an hour - just so much crew of Kabirova spent for the help to Czechs. However the management of command Ginaf addressed to judges of a marathon with the request to cancel results spetsuchastka, motivirovav it … “a psychological trauma“ which the Dutch pilots received from contemplation of broken auto truck Tomecheka. Representatives of “KamAZa“ acted categorically against this offer - de the Plenty almost did not lose time for a stop, and complaints to similar “traumas“ seemed to them too the decided. However the organising committee met Dutches and decided to return to all crews which have stopped near to broken “Tatoj“ which they spent time for rendering assistance.

However de I Dig it did not help - on the contrary, as a result of all recalculations the victory at a stage was gained by Kabirov, Chagin became the second, and backlog of the Dutch increased to a half an hour. All remained “dopy“ “KamAZy“ continued to increase the advantage over de the Plenty, and struggle for the first place was conducted exclusively between Kabirovym and Chaginym.
After the tenth spetsuchastka Firdausa and Vladimir divided only fourteen seconds. On the twelfth “dope“ Chagin won back at Kabirova minute and 44 seconds that allowed the fivefold winner of “Dakar“ to head a marathon with advantage one and a half minute. But already at a following stage Kabirov convincingly answered the partner, outrunning it on four and a half a minute and returning itself leadership.

final day of South American “Dakar“ racers of “KamAZa“ went practically level with: Kabirov won back some more seconds at Chagina and finished the advantage about three minutes of 39 seconds, becoming the double winner of rally-spot-check “Dakar“. The third crew of a command “Kamaz-master“ finished on the fourth place.

total position in offset of auto trucks


Starting “dop“ a marathon unexpectedly for all the Olympic champion on bench shooting, and also the winner of the World championship on rally in category Production WRC of 2004 won Naser Al-Attija from Qatar, acting on BMW prototype. However in leaders of competitions katarets held on exactly days - already next day races because of an error in navigation it was rolled away on the fourth place, conceding the first place to legendary Carlos Sajntsu. In the first five after first two spetsuchastkov there were also Zhiniel de Vilers on the car of Volkswagen and Stefan Petransel on a new prototype of Mitsubishi Lancer. However, it is necessary to notice that the debut at diesel “Lancer“ was not set - the Japanese stamp already at the very beginning of “Dakar“ lost one of the leaders - Hiroshi Masuoku.

For the third day of competitions of a problem began at two crews of Mitsubishi - at Ljuka Alfana and Stefana Petranselja. They with each kilometre all lagged behind in the lead group to which towards the end of the third spetsuchastka Al-Attija returned more strongly, taking the second place. The unique pilot of the Japanese company for the present keeping in rate of leaders, at that point in time there was Hoan “Nani of Rum.
item struggle between a command of Volkswagen and the Qatar pilot proceeded to the fifth spetsuchastka on which the representative of BMW unexpectedly easily returned itself leadership. But, as it appeared, for a short while: next day judges of race removed Nasera from a distance that the day before that passed one of control points, cutting off a route. Al-Attija tried to justify that it had problems with the engine - that overheated and could “not endure“ unsteady dunes among which there was a control point. However to move to pity judges to it and it was not possible.
After a descent of Nasera, in leaders of automobile offset there was Zhiniel De Vilers, and its workmate Carlos Sajnts settled down on the second place with backlog about eight minutes.

the same day a marathon one more racer of Mitsubishi descended from a distance - Ljuk Alfan. Its colleagues on command - Rum and Petransel - by this moment lost Zhinielju de to Vilersu already more a half an hour. However even on this position of Petransel to be kept and could not: next day it descended because of engine breakage, leaving to protect colours of Mitsubishi only one crew.“ I am not so surprised by a situation with our cars, - technical director of the team Terri Viardo (Thierry Viardot) declared on January, 10th, already after a descent of Petranselja. - Put at all in luck is a matter of time and applied efforts. We knew that we can face problems, and we yet do not have experience with new car. However we try to do the utmost, that our remained pilot finished on a podium “.
But if for Mitsubishi this day appeared“black“for Carlos Sajntsa it developed as well as possible - the Spaniard returned itself leadership, outrunning de Vilersa and after that won three more“dopa“successively! In a result, after“equator“of race at“Matador“quite comfortable half-hour stock of time before the nearest competitors was formed.

however to win“Dakar“Sajntsu it appeared it is not fated - it did not hold on to rally finish only two spetsuchastka, breaking Touareg in the heat of 12th day of competitions. Leadership in rally-spot-check passed to Mark Miller outrunning Zhinielja de Vilersa for two “dopa“ to finish for 14 minutes. But, as if felt again affinity of a victory and sharply excited rate - towards the end of penultimate day de Vilers won back at Miller