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The government of Moscow forbade auto trucks to drive without “Euro-3“ to the centre

On Tuesday, on March, 23rd, at session of the government of Moscow the bill of introduction of an interdiction for entrance to city centre of cargo vehicles with the engines which are not corresponding to ecological requirements “Euro-3“ has been approved. Similar restriction for legkovushek is not planned yet. On it informs RIA Novosti news agency referring to the first deputy of the head of capital department of transport and Alexey Kazaninas communication.
it is expected that the interdiction for starts to operate from next year, and with 2012 in the centre cannot pass auto trucks without “Euro-4“. As it was informed earlier, the same bill provides use in Moscow the non-polluting municipal technics with the engines, capable to work on alternative kinds of fuel and energy sources.
Also the document assumes increase in quantity of multifuel fuel stations and drop of a rent for the gas station where natural gas in volume not less than 30 percent from total number of the realised fuel is on sale. The same privilege it is planned to give to motor car parks where not less than 50 percent of cars use alternative a fuel kind.
now it is impossible to drive to the capital centre to the auto trucks which are not corresponding ecological holes “Euro-2“. According to the authorities, the similar interdiction allows to reduce blowouts in atmosphere of harmful substances approximately on eight thousand tons year or five percent.
action of the standard “Euro-2“ in Russia began in 2006 - in ten years after it has been entered in the European countries. Since 2005 in Europe norms “Euro-4“ which in Russia appear only in 2012 operate.