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Mercedes-Benz finished release of model CLS

On Tuesday, on July, 27th, last copy of model CLS descended from the conveyor of factory of the company of Mercedes-Benz in the German city of Zindelfingen. On it informs edition AutoWeek.
the car of black colour equipped with the 5,5-litre eight-cylinder gasoline engine and intended for the American market became the Last CLS. From the moment of Mercedes-Benz CLS occurrence on the conveyor (October, 2004) at this enterprise it has been assembled 170 thousand such cars. In 2008 the car endured restyling, however changes in design were only cosmetic. The radiator enclosure has been modernised, there were light-emitting diode tail lights, other rear-view mirrors with light-emitting diode repeaters “povorotnikov“, and also wheel disks of new design and other branch pipes of final system.
the autumn of current year on motorshou in Paris will present following generation of the car of Mercedes-Benz CLS. Judging by appearing earlier espionage photos of a novelty, appearance of the car is executed on motives of concept car Shooting Brake for the first time shown at an exhibition in Beijing.
new CLS it will be constructed on a platform present E-Class and receives motors and transmissions from the same model. At present only precisely it is known about one motor which appears in scale of this car is a 3,5-litre six-cylinder gasoline engine with direct injection of fuel.