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Recycling of incorrectly parked cars recognised as lawful

On Tuesday, on March, 30th, the court of the Central disctrict of the city of Sochi took out the verdict of “not guilty“ to the assistant to the head of regional administration who was accused that under its order the cars evacuated for a wrong parking without the knowledge of owners went on recycling. According to court, in actions of the official there was no crime structure. On it informs “Interfax-south“ referring to the statement of state accuser Vadim Orehova.
the Assistant to the head of regional administration of Sochi was accused of excess of office powers as regards the first article 286 of the Criminal code. According to Orehova, the official allowed to the subordinates of instructions to evacuate incorrectly parked cars, and then to send them in scrap metal. According to its order, on special proving ground cars sawed, whence then took away for processing.
the Public prosecutor asked court to take out a verdict of guilty and to punish the defendant imprisonment for one year with term serving in a colony-settlement. As noted Nuts, for excess of office powers by the Criminal code of the Russian Federation punishment till five years of imprisonment, deprivation of a post and various penalties is provided.
the state accuser also added that the judgement will be appealed against - cassation representation in the Krasnodar regional court now prepares.