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the Expert: after business " YUKOS " the oil companies began to pay taxes

As a result of business " YUKOS " the large oil companies began to pay taxes. Such opinion was voiced by participants of discussion of consequences of business " YUKOS " and the sentence which has been taken out the past week to company management, in the program " Times " on ORT.

So, political scientist Vyacheslav Nikonov has specified that for last year the collecting of taxes has three times increased.

" Large oil corporations began to pay more. They have closed those openings (in tax laws) which before used, including lawful " - political scientist Igor Bunin has noted. But, as he said, in 3 - 4 times last year have increased and " flight of capitals " from the country. " there are poles and minuses " - the expert summarised.

the Chairman of Open Company " Business Russia " Boris Titus from a business position 2 has specified in positive consequences of business " YUKOS ". As he said, thanks to it the epoch " has come to the end; wild capitalism " in Russia.

" 2DAY there is a revaluation by business of how it is necessary to do business. 2DAY business understands more that it is necessary to pay taxes that it is impossible to leave through optimisation schemes. 2DAY business already another " - Titov has told. As he said, business has taken also a social lesson from a situation W " YUKOS ". " Business began to pay attention to how it concerns not only the power, the state, but also a society " more; - the businessman has told, having noticed that business has started to build social partnership W the state and a civil society.

Igor Bunin has cited data VTSIOM according to which only 8 % of the interrogated consider a sentence to Khodorkovsky as blow on democracy, 29 % have regarded it as legality and order restoration, the others remained indifferent. According to experts, it bears to negative attitude of ordinary citizens to oligarchs and businessmen as a whole.

Making comments on reaction of the West to a sentence to Khodorkovsky and Lebedev, experts have declared that " from G8 Russia precisely will not exclude ".

" It does not depend on McCain and Lantosa (the American senator and the congressman who has supported an exception of Russia from " the eights " - Vyacheslav Nikonov has told. Is does not depend at all on administration of the USA. It depends on all seven ". As he said, " the administration of the USA does not support isolation of Russia ".

It was supported by political scientist Andranik Megranjan, having specified that Russia is necessary to the USA as the partner in many important questions, for example, to Iran and South Korea.

the Expert has noticed 2 that the state in business " YUKOS " " tried to leave a market way a situation, not to nationalise and not to grasp, and rynochno to redeem " Yuganskneftegaz ". " it would be possible to take and grasp more roughly " - he has added. The expert 2 considers that the state at a present stage can be present at economy more actively.

the Chairman of coordination council of the enterprise unions of Russia Alexander Shokhin has noticed that not only business, but also the state has learnt a lesson from business " YUKOS ".

" the State has realised that it can practically all and in economic, and political, and in other areas. And now the main task - to use these possibilities " - Shokhin has told. " the state is on the threshold of a choice of model of the state and economic development. It will Would be desirable to believe that a choice behind reforms, economic and democratic " - he has added.