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As a result of police spot-checks in Haiti 25 civilians

were lost During the spot-checks spent by police on Friday and Saturday in one of okrainnyh of quarters of capital Haiti Port - ABT - Prensa were lost 25 civilians.

the National police of Haiti refuses to make comments on this sad statistics extended on Sunday by regional agencies and the press of the country.

According to the Peace-making contingent of forces of the United Nations, two-day police operation was spent in area Bel - Ayr Haitian capital against armed formations of supporters svergnutogo in March, 2004 of the president of Haiti Jean - Bertrana Aristida who has found a refuge in Southern Africa.

the Given action has been spent in four days after in Port - ABT - Prense unknown persons, presumably supporters of Aristida, have been made the acts of terrorism which have carried away lives of 10 persons, including the honourable consul of France.

According to employees of first aid of General hospital Port - ABT - Prensa, only on Saturday has been picked up by them in Bel - Ayr and quarters of 20 bodies of the civilians who were lost from gunshot wounds adjoining to it. Some more bodies have been delivered therefrom on Friday in other medical institutions of capital.

As the Minister of Justice of Haiti Bernard Gjusse, since September, 2004 when supporters of deposed president Aristida have begun the organised resistance to provisional government of the country and to a peace-making contingent of forces of the United Nations has underlined to journalists, as a result of their actions 740 persons were lost.

Concern in situation development in Haiti has been voiced on opened on Sunday in Fort Lauderejl American city to 35 General assembly of the Organization of the American States (OAG) which has included this question in the agenda.

" The wave of criminal and political violence in Haiti seriously threatens process of political settlement and stabilisation of position in the country " - again selected secretary general OAG Jose - Migel Insulsa has noted.