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Solzhenitsyn: " There is at us nothing similar to democracy "

the Known writer, Nobel prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn has subjected to criticism a political system in Russia, in the CIS countries and to the politician of the USA.

In interview to the program " to Conduct week " on RTR TV channel, the first for last three years, Solzhenitsyn asserted that in Russia while there is no democracy.

" Democracies at us were not. I repeated many times - there is at us nothing similar to democracy " - he has declared.

According to Solzhenitsyna, " at us in the country with a word " democracy " many speakers practise, declining this word and very hasty pulling out its signs instead of the democracy ". The Freedom of speech and the press in Russia exists, but " it only a private sign of democracy " - Solzhenitsyn is convinced. " From one this sign of democracy will not be " - the writer considers.

As he said, the democracy keystone to success in the western countries - the organisation of WRK of local government. " we admire democracy in the western countries because the local government perfectly well works for them. There would be no at them a democracy W/ O local government, and we build democracy W/ O local government, it is not necessary for us " - Solzhenitsyn has told.

He has underlined that " democracy cannot be nasazhena from above any clever law, any wise politicians ".

" It (democracy) should not be nasazhena, as a cap. Democracy can grow only, as all growing, as all plants - from below upwards. There Should be before a democracy of small spaces. There should be before a self-management local. As the democracy beginning. And only then it already starts to develop " - the writer has told.

Thereupon Solzhenitsyn has subjected to criticism the policy of the USA. As he said, in the USA " more 10 years ago there was a foolish project - to spread democracy worldwide ". In the USA have understood democracy originally - have interfered in Bosnia, have started to bomb Yugoslavia, then Afghanistan, then Iraq who following, can be Iran, the writer has told. " in the USA should understand that democracy cannot be spread, brought on bayonets " - he has underlined.

According to Solzhenitsyna, in Russia instead of a genuine democracy " the political class " was formed;. " It is some honeycombs of persons which have declared - I the professional politician, and I will politicise " - the writer has underlined.

It 2 has subjected to criticism activity of the Russian parliament. " voters should know: as their representative that does. And as soon as with it are dissatisfied, to withdraw it " - Solzhenitsyn has told. " Same natural democratic reception - a response of the deputy. Not that you do - a response, have changed. And at us for four years have chosen, everything, have a rest Vanka, four years are provided " - he has noticed.

In this context the writer has spoken against parliament formation under party lists and against parties. According to Solzhenitsyna, " any party on a broader scale restrains, ushcherbljaet individuality of the person. It squeezes it in the program, the party charter ".

SPK about local authorities, Solzhenitsyn sharply criticised idea of elections of governors. " on elections (governor`s) all were solved by money, payoff, a deceit, and in some places - simply mafia, simply criminal there were elections " - the writer has told.