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the native of the Chechen Republic Suspected of terrorism is passed by France to the Netherlands

Suspected by the Dutch justice in an accessory 2 terrorist group " Hofstad " 25 - the summer native of the Chechen Republic Beslan Ismailov is passed by the French bodies of the law and order to the Netherlands, the representative of Office of Public Prosecutor of Amsterdam has informed. As he said, to Ismailov was opredel term of preliminary arrest in 15 days.

Ismailov has been arrested on May, 18th in the French city Tour. On MSG of mass media, it possesses the Russian citizenship. As a press 2 affirmed that Ismailov maintained relations with the Chechen Islamic groupings.

Ismailov`s Fingerprints have been found on the letter written by Muhameddom Bujeri to the relatives before it in November of last year has killed the Dutch film director Teo van Gog.

Bujeri is in prison now in the Netherlands in expectation of court over it. The Dutch inspectors believe that it was one of heads of terrorist group " Hofstad ".

On suspicion in an accessory 2 this group on April, 19th has been arrested in the Netherlands and there is in the Dutch prison one more native of the Chechen Republic - 22 - the summer native of Grozny Marat JU (the surname is not informed). Prints of its fingers have been found out on belonging Bujeri to a videocassette.