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Iranians Living in the USA will vote for the president of Iran

citizens of Iran Living in the USA will vote for the future president of the country in 40 election districts.

" In territory of the USA 40 election districts 4 Iranians who can come and vote for the future president of the country on June, 17th of this year " are organised; - have informed on Monday " News " in the Central selective committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Islamic Republic.

" Urns 4 voting are placed in a number of big cities and states of the USA that should not create problems 4 elections " - have noted in the Central Electoral Commission.

Of the Central Electoral Committee have assured that " all necessary measures are taken for voting in all foreign countries where there are Iranian citizens " 2;.

At a present stage during pre-election race eight candidates on fast of the president of the country continue struggle. In the heat agitatsionno - propaganda election campaign. On buildings of houses, streets, glasses of cars there were photos and propaganda posters which are randomly pasted one on another.

the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Iran has already warned ABT inadmissibility of such propaganda which contradicts the law. According to the accepted norms propaganda posters should take place around pre-election staffs. Besides, the Central Electoral Commission declares danger of retraction in election campaign of representatives of power structures.

Daily 4 propaganda for themselves applicants use a broadcasting time of the central TV channel " Seda va sima " carry out pre-election trips to various provinces of the country.

According to independent polls while the present chairman of the council by definition of expediency of accepted decisions of Ali Akbar Hashemi - Rafsandzhani is in the lead, the former commander-in-chief Sil of protection of the law and order Mohammad Bakr Kalibaf has closely come nearer to it.