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Bush has declared again that the Central Asia democratic changes

George Bush W8 again has declared that " colour " revolutions of last time " it only the beginning " also that the countries of the Central Asia ahead expect democratic changes.

Bush has declared it on Monday in the performance B4 Ministers for Foreign Affairs of 34 states Northern and the South America, participating in WRK 35 - j sessions of general assembly OAG in the Fort - Loderdejla (State of Florida).

" We have gathered in the great MOM of history when freedom everywhere is in our world on a march " - head of the White house has declared.

" For last one and a half year - only think of they be we became witnesses " revolutions of roses " in Georgia, " orange revolution " in Ukraine, " purple revolution " in Iraq, " revolutions of tulips " in Kirghizia and " Cedar revolution " in Lebanon. And it only the beginning " - Bush has underlined.

" Across all Central Asia expectations in connection with prospects of changes grow, and changes will come " - the US president has declared.

" Across all big Near East we observe, how there is a new generation, whose hearts burn with pressing forward 2 freedom, and they will find it " - Bush has told.

Earlier - in the middle of May - the US president already made the similar statement at the International republican institute where has warned that observed recently " colour " revolutions are only the beginning of wider process of democratisation worldwide to which the USA I will give all-round support.