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the Trainer " the Dynamo ": the command looked adequately in a series from CSKA

the Trainer capital " the Dynamo " Valery Tihonenko considers that the command looked adequately in opposition from CSKA. He has declared it on a press - conferences after the fourth match of a final series plej - off in which soldiers, having defeated 99:84, have won a title of the champion of Russia on basketball.

" All have C that we tried very much, adjusted on this game. CSKA conducted all match, and we caught up. Clearly that soldiers did not want to bring matters to the fifth match, - has noted Tihonenko. - CSKA has Gud made the WRK, but we too have fine made the. Basketball was excellent. We have made everything that could, and I am happy with the command ".

Tihonenko recognised that the second place in the championship of Russia - a unique problem which have executed " it is white - blue " in a season 2004 - 05.

" when I have come in " the Dynamo " That was the second trainer and did not think that will occur in the future. In the middle of a season when I became the first, everything, naturally, has changed. In my opinion, a unique problem which we have executed - the second place in the championship of Russia " - Valery Tihonenko has told.

the trainer of CSKA of Dushan Ivkovich has agreed With the colleague, having declared that spectators have C the outstanding ending. According to Ivkovicha, both commands have shown outstanding game and have shown very high quality of basketball: " My players played fine. I consider that it was the big ending. But it is not necessary to 4get and about a role " the Dynamo " after all 4 class game two commands " are necessary;.

At the same time the head coach of CSKA admitted that practically was not stirred for decisive match exod: " We completely supervised game. And on a broader scale I will notice that in this season we have not lost any guest duel ".

we Will remind that Ivkovich on a press - conferences on Monday 2 has informed that the final plej - off became 4 it to the last as the trainer of CSKA.