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the Price of deliveries of gas for Ukraine since 2006 can increase from $50 B4$160

the Price of deliveries of the Russian gas for Ukraine can increase by 2006 B4$160 for one thousand cubic metre from $50. ABT it " News " has informed the source familiar W passed on Monday in Moscow by negotiations of the chairman of the board " Gazprom " Alexey Miller and chairman of the board NAK " Naftogaz Ukraine " Alexey Ivchenko.

As he said, at the previous MTGs, including with the president of Ukraine, arrangements on transition to payment of transit and deliveries of gas by money resources since 2006 at the prices and the tariffs corresponding to the European level have been reached.

" At present the price of gas 4 Ukraine, calculated on a method net bak (the gas price on " base " a commodity market, the minus of an expense for transportation) makes about $160 " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

He has noticed that the Ukrainian party analyzes now this information and prepares offers under the possible rate of transit. " thus it is necessary to consider that expenses for gas transportation on territory of Ukraine 2 are considered in the formula net bak " - has added a source familiar with negotiations.

" Gazprom " W 2002 for 2004 annually delivered NAK " Naftogaz Ukraine " 23 - 26 billion cubic metre of gas as payment for transit. Thus the price of the Russian gas made $50 for one thousand cubic metre, and the rate for transit - $1,09 for one thousand cubic metre on 100 kilometres. According to the report on volumes and transit conditions for 2005 of delivery are planned in volume of 23 billion cubic metre on the same conditions. The volume of transit of the Russian gas on territory of Ukraine should make 128,1 billion cubic metre.