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the Price of gas 4 Ukraine can grow three times. Generalisation

the Price of gas 4 Ukraine can grow three times, and the gas-transport consortium - is liquidated from - for positions of Kiev.

Such opinion has voiced " News " a source familiar with negotiations of the chairman of the board " Gazprom " Alexey Miller and chairman of the board NAK " Naftogaz Ukraine " Alexey Ivchenko, passed on Monday in Moscow.

" On - visible, on one of following meetings of founders the Ukrainian party should raise the question ABT enterprise liquidation " the International consortium on management and development of gas-transport system of Ukraine " as the projects corresponding to its authorised purposes, are not present " - the interlocutor " has told; News ".

It has explained that the idea of creation of the enterprise consisted in development and management of all system, and a gas pipeline " Bogorodchany - Uzhgorod " it was interesting as the first stage.

" in a consortium now Ukraine is absolutely not ready to discuss the Subject of transfer of system, and time so - the first stage obviously W/ O the second is necessary to nobody " - has noted a source. " also it is not necessary to mislead potential European partners ABT prospects of this joint venture " - he has underlined.

" As well as it has been ascertained at the previous MTG, the future at this enterprise is not present, and it is necessary to find boldness in it to admit " - the interlocutor of agency has added.

the Consortium is created according to the arrangements fixed in the statement of presidents of Russia and Ukraine ABT strategic cooperation in gas sphere from June, 9th, 2002, and also the intergovernmental agreement from October, 7th, 2002. Participation in a consortium and Germany was provided.

" Consortium development under very big question " - has told " News " a press - the secretary of the chairman of the board " Gazprom " Sergey Kuprijanov, making comments on this MSG.

the Source has informed 2 that the price of deliveries of the Russian gas for Ukraine since 2006 can increase three times - B4$160 for one thousand cubic metre from present $50.

As he said, at the previous MTGs, including with the president of Ukraine, arrangements on transition to payment of transit and deliveries of gas by money resources since 2006 at the prices and the tariffs corresponding to the European level have been reached.

" At present the price of gas 4 Ukraine, calculated on a method net bak (the gas price on " base " a commodity market, the minus of an expense for transportation) makes about $160 " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As he said, the Ukrainian party analyzes this information and prepares offers under the possible rate of transit.

" Thus it is necessary to consider that expenses for gas transportation on territory of Ukraine 2 are considered in the formula net bak " - has added a source.

" Gazprom " W 2002 for 2004 annually delivered NAK " Naftogaz Ukraine " 23 - 26 billion cubic metre of gas as payment for transit. Thus the price of the Russian gas made $50 for one thousand cubic metre, and the rate for transit - $1,09 for one thousand cubic metre on 100 kilometres.

the Source has informed 2 that " Gazprom " cannot RCV from Ukraine of the answer where have got to 7,8 billion cubic metre of the checked gas. The interlocutor of agency has explained that such quantity of gas was in underground storehouses of gas (PHG) Ukraine on the beginning osenne - a winter season 2004 - 2005. According to balance of gas it has been planned 2 selection of 3,5 billion cubic metre.

From October, 13th, till March, 22nd, 2005 " Gazprom " has directed to the Ukrainian party of 40 demands for selection of the gas from Ukrainian PHG 4 deliveries under the export contracts, however any of these demands has not been satisfied by the Ukrainian party.

According to the interlocutor " News " figures of official statistics kontrolno - measuring stations of gas-transport system of Ukraine bear that the given volumes of gas could not be put Ukraine for export to this season.

At a MTG the Ukrainian party has CFMed that W the Russian volumes of gas in PHG there are certain problems, has noted a source.

" Nevertheless, the distinct answer where the Russian gas from Ukrainian PHG while is not present " has got to; - he has told.

" the Ukrainian party should buy at " Gazprom " this gas " - the interlocutor of agency considers.

On Monday evening Management on WRK from Open Society mass-media " Gazprom " has extended a press - release ABT Miller`s negotiations and Ivchenko. " Alexey Miller and Alexey Ivchenko have considered the applied aspects connected with the decision of the parties ABT transition to fee on transit of the Russian gas on territory of Ukraine by money resources " - it is SPK in a MSG.

Besides, according to management, the parties have discussed " current questions of the organisation of transit, underground storage of gas " Gazprom " in underground storehouses of gas (PHG) in territory of Ukraine and gas deliveries in the country, and also the further cooperation of Russia and Ukraine in gas sphere ".

By data " Gazprom " the volume of transit of the Russian gas on territory of Ukraine per 2005 is planned in volume more than 128 billion cubic metre.