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the Political scientist: Russia Today there should be independent

Known German political scientist Alexander Rar considers that established " News " English-speaking TV channel Russia Today (" Russia 2DAY ") Becomes unique acquisition 4 the international information field if will be independent.

" It will be unique acquisition 4 the international information field, - Rar has told. - However, for this purpose the TV channel should be really independent and is not similar at all on old Soviet W naked propagation ".

that the Russian government takes part in project financing, does not call any objections the political scientist. " many use the state support a body - and the broadcasting companies in the West, for example, Bi - Bi - Si and the German wave, - SPK it. - the main thing that the state did not render pressure upon the editorial policy ".

Alexander Rar 2 has positively conceived the information that at Russia Today own social council into which fifteen known Russian and foreign public figures will enter will operate. " It will be pledge of impartiality of TV channel " - he considers.

On project presentation its heads noticed that the TV channel becomes original " Russian BB˝ ". " It will be a sight at the world from Russia. We do not want to change the professional format debugged by such TV channels, as BB˝, ˝NN, Euronews. We want to reflect opinion of Russia on the world and that Russia is better visible " - the project head Margarita Simonjan considers.

the Presentation of the project of TV channel has passed on Tuesday in " News ". It is planned that the TV channel will begin an announcement by the end of the year and will conduct an information announcement round the clock. Russia Today will work as the independent and independent company, the head of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications Michael Seslavinsky has informed.

4 financing Russia Today the government will suggest the State Duma to make changes to the federal budget for 2005. The TV channel will be financed through Federal agency on the press and communications, at the expense of grants and advertising.