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What dangers are concealed in cosmetic means

And many, without reflecting, buy, bring home, place on regiments, use. And then cannot understand, whence problems with a skin? About dangers which are concealed in some jars with cosmetic and hygienic means, the cosmetologist of the Minsk clinical centre of plastic surgery and medical cosmetology Julia Alekseenkova tells.

Soap with triklozanom

- Needs to be understood that triklozan is an antiseptics. Antiseptics is necessary for treatment, instead of for the daily use. Yes, they stifle the flora calling inflammatory processes. But thus we kill and is conditional - pathogenic flora which should be on a skin. And shtammy these bacteria start to resist, mutirovat to such forms that already cease to react on a broader scale to this of antiseptics. It is necessary to concern reasonably such means and not to force children to wash constantly a hand triklozanom. It is enough usual soap.

Pastes with hlorgeksidinom

is a medical product which is used at inflammatory diseases of an oral cavity, krovotochivosti gums. Them use week - two, strictly on doctor`s orders. You will not drink an antibiotic the month, two?

- Autosunburn creates Autosunburn « colour » plenochku, but it at all does not protect from the sun and its radiations. The person who uses autosunburn, has a protection illusion. If it appears on a shining sun can pass the moment of reddening of a skin and does not realise that has received a solar burn. Will be hurt by an ultraviolet and deeper layers of a skin. The ultraviolet operates on cages is destructive, accelerating ageing. I do not speak already about risk onkozabolevany.

Creams, gel - souls

- Practically all of them contain parabeny - substances which grow out of processing of oil products. Many European doctors warn: they are not deduced from an organism. Settle in a liver. And in due course their concentration grows, and it is definitely unsafe.

Therefore doctors recommend to use cosmetics without parabenov, so-called biocosmetics. But it in times is more expensive, is a little stored. In the refrigerator the opened packing - from a month to six. Such cosmetics is not advertised, on sale at all in drugstores and specialised shops.

the Srub

is better not to use It at all. It leads to skin microtraumas, washes off protective lipidnyj a layer. The overdried skin not so is elastic, can burst, istonchaetsja - vessels, and on the person become closer, for example, can will appear vascular setochka.

it is better to use a peeling on fruit acids. Grape, apple, lemon. But it is possible to use not more often once a week, and that is desirable from September till March, instead of in the summer.

the Most frequent of a victim of beauty - active « pilingisty » - come to physicians with well appreciable vascular grid on a skin.


- It is necessary to look at structure - the less there words of which you do not understand, the better structure. It is a lot of in shampoos parabenov, stabilizers, preservatives, aromatizatorov. The skin is not glad to chemistry - and can react dryness, dandruff, an allergy.

it is better to use natural shampoos, medical. They hardly above at the price, but are softer. By the way, if shampoo strongly foams is any more the best variant. Natural shampoos practically do not foam, and a smell at them not the most attractive.

If want podpitat a bulb of hair, use concentrates (sell in drugstores), and rub their massing movements. It is twice useful.


- Many in house conditions struggle with new growths. And then come to us with defects on the person and hands. CHistotel nekontroliruem, I saw the patients who have finished the cure of « to holes ».

Creams with hormones

sell Them in a drugstore, and doctors write out at dermatitah. But it is necessary to know when to stop and read instructions! Frequent application conducts to a skin atrophy. It so istonchaetsja that vessels appear through.

the Voice-frequency cream

- does not exist voice-frequency creams which at all do not hammer in a face pore! Any hammer more, any it is less. If so it is necessary, is better to use mineral friable powder. But also that not every day.

the Most frequent effect from regular use of a voice-frequency cream - the overdried, shelled skin which can inflame, call discomfort and trouble.

Pisano - is copied by Antiperspirant about it much. The deodorant - antiperspirant is dangerous first of all that corks potovye glands. To furuncles nearby …



1. Basically, all cosmetics which sell in shops, cannot essentially do much harm. But labels all - taki read, and choose those means, which structure to you it is clear.

2. Do not disdain national recipes of masks and shampoos. They - that are checked precisely up by decades.

3. Whenever possible use natural cosmetics.

4. It is not necessary to be fond of hygiene unduly. It is not necessary to wash a head every day - two, the shower can be accepted daily and without souls - gel, the bast is absolutely not necessary every day, intim - gels all - taki break microflora. It is clear, it is necessary that to wash, but - without fanaticism.

5. Try to change stamps of cosmetic means and from time to time to give to a skin rest - on an extreme measure, from a voice-frequency cream and powder.