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For Easter in Tver to cemeteries will take buses

For Easter, contrary to the church tradition, many tverichane on - a habit will go on a cemetery. In this connection 23, on April, 24th from a city to churchyards two additional routes will ply. The first will go on a route – a cinema « the World » - Lebedevo, the second – d/ to « proletarka » - Dmitrovo - Cherkassy. It is planned on four buses in day on each route. ESPB here does not operate.

Operating bus routes 54 (Dmitrovo - Cherkassy - Lebedevo) and 52 (the Fish factory - Dmitrovo - Cherkassy - Nakhimov`s street) will be strengthened by additional buses.

And here from paschal worship service it is necessary to reach.

- In former year from Voznesensky and Voskresensky cathedrals it was possible to reach by trams and trolley buses. This year the archdiocese to us with such request was not converted. Have assured that will agree with minibuses, - have explained in department of transport and communication of a city administration of Tver.

However neither in archdiocese, nor in the central cathedrals of a city to us and could not answer a question as will carry townspeople, have only noticed that no negotiations with marshrutchikami at them existing.