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Druggists - murderers

On   days the president, being in   Irkutsk, the challenge   has thrown down; most   narcotisms. In   this communication   our journalist   has asked at   local   experts, whence there is a core angrily   under   the name   –   a narcotism. It has appeared that   from …   drugstores!  

that   in drugstores it is possible to buy drugs, already for anybody not a secret. Not drugs, certainly. Perish the thought. But their components from which prepare a potion under the clever name « dezomorfin ».  

And, to usual inhabitants who addicts are not, hardly that will sell without the recipe, but to the person with narkomanskoj a physiognomy, please. And it not mere words. They were confirmed recently with spot-check of Roszdravnadzora together with Office of Public Prosecutor on drugstores of Irkutsk.  

- Druggists sell to addicts kodeinosoderzhashchie medicines, - head Roszdravnadzora Natalia Ledjaeva sighs.  

- So have no right without the recipe to release!  

- have no. But release.  

- That threatens the druggist which has sold kodeinosoderzhashchy a preparation without the recipe?  

- the Penalty from 30 thousand to 300 thousand roubles.  

But these small penalties do not frighten dealers of death when the annual turnover of a drugstore of an average hand can be equal to 10 million roubles. And it is necessary to prove still fault of the druggist what to make rather uneasy without means and witnesses. Even at employees of Drug enforcement of a hand are connected. The law on business protection forbids them to convict druggists of sale of the same psychotropic or kodeinosoderzhashchih preparations to the addict.

There is, of course, a writ that   without   the recipe   More than two packs   in   a hand not to release, but Drug enforcement   to check up   it cannot.  

While in our region dezomorfin a wide circulation has not received. Isolated facts are noted from the beginning of this year. During spot-checks have covered some brothels where prepared dezomorfin.  

- At us meanwhile heroin addicts have not passed on a substantial scale on dezomorfin, - speak in Drug enforcement, - but at neighbours, in Krasnoyarsk and Transbaikalia, it is already observed.  

I an island of the main expert in narcology of the Irkutsk region Boris Kramynin looks ahead without optimism.  

- We began to put less on the account of addicts because to us them it is converted ever less, - he speaks. – and who knows, how much them actually. Yes they buy psychotropic drugs which are not considered as drugs. Plus to all under our laws to struggle with a narcotism it is impossible. To put on the account of the addict, its voluntary consent is necessary. The rare addict on that will agree. They after all all consider themselves normal. At us the legal system seriously limps. Such sensation that these laws are written by addicts.  

Death   is on sale   in   to each drugstore  

the Narcotism prospers only on laziness of officials, our special correspondent Nikolay Varsegov

On   considers; most   business scope of a narcotism in   Irkutsk –   the monstrous. And   it is not necessary in-depth studies, that   it   to confirm. It is enough to pass across Irkutsk (in   which   I   was   recently) –   everywhere on columns and fences of the announcement from clinics, private doctors, shamans … « we Treat for a narcotism and alcoholism! ».

and all   these   plachi   On a subject of bad laws   speak   only about   feebleness   and   laziness of the data, with   permissions to tell, experts. And   who   to you   prevents to alter   laws? Take and write correct laws. Confirm them in a regional thought, then in the state. And all! And laws will work on you. But you of it never tried. To you laziness a finger to stir. Who should write for you and for you correct laws – the woman Attracting?

Exactly year   back on April, 20th « already   raised a subject in   a material   « Buy   death in   any   to a drugstore »  . We also told about revelry of the chemist`s mafia selling any versions of drugs under the pretext of harmless tablets. It is huge narcobusiness on which soil of these drugstores has now bred almost in each house.

it is clear that pharmacists to a hoarseness and vomiting prove that kodeinosoderzhashchie preparations drugs are not! But any fair expert in narcology will explain to you that it is an absolute drug on which quickly sit down, without understanding that, even the merited school teachers of pension age, without speaking about the other population, including children. If pensioners simply eat tablets handfuls the youth squeezes out of them dezomorfin.

here endurance from our article according to experts: « Dezomorfin where it is more dangerous even some heroin. Get used to it literally from the first, from the second time. Life term dezomorfinshchika to two, a maximum till 4 years. But, the main thing, a drug it is readily available to any schoolboy. It is necessary to read the preparation recipe on the Internet, it is very simple. To buy in any drugstore kodeinosoderzhashchie tablets - 25 - 30 pieces, to buy some more known components. All set will manage in 100 roubles. And to make a rattling mix ».