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Who delivers students in high schools of Moscow and Peter?

what parent does not support success of the fumes? All are ill. And for this reason many especially anxious by development and education of mum and the father from first months of life of the child look for to it a garden better, and then school « with a bias » strong teachers, modern computers yes with good sports base. In general, prospect krohe « will draw » such that at it is not enough choice – only forward, to tops...

However, according to Syktyvkar Management of education, parents are guided by that the school was near to the house and the child could go on « prodlenku » well and against recommendations of acquaintances too lean. Some, however, especially do not puzzle over in what school to hand over, and simply give there where the senior studies.

Results of uniform graduation examination which for the senior schoolboys is purer than any horror film, have value only for parents who choose school for children - senior pupils, for parents pervoklashek it seems still very far.

And all - taki, rises a question - how to define the best school? For someone the best is that which pupils shine on the city and republican Olympic Games. For someone the best - with achievements in sport. Well and for someone – that, in which is the familiar teacher... Business In a word, disputable and very individual, therefore « has decided to make a rating of Syktyvkar schools by results of Unified State Examination - 2010.
So, we represent you a top - 10 strongest schools of a city. *


Lycees should be compared to lycees, grammar schools – with grammar schools!

the Head of department on supervision and control in an education sphere Vladimir Ljantsevich:

- In a rating across Syktyvkar on the first place lycee, but it is not absolutely correct. The lycee can be compared to lycee, a grammar school with a grammar school and, accordingly, school with school. All - taki, to lycee and a grammar school are selected and more prepared children. Certainly, it is impossible to forget to consider a contingent, qualification of teachers and desire of schoolboys to receive knowledge.

- I do not think that only results of Unified State Examination speak about level of school and teachers, - the director of one of leaders of a rating, the Grammar school of a name of Pushkin, Vasily Uvarovsky supports Vladimir Ljantsevicha`s position. - here many making factors. For example, it is necessary to consider area where schools settle down. It is natural that on a rating lesozavodskaja the school 33 will be below a city grammar school. But same does not tell about nekvalifitsirovannosti teachers and preparation low level it is universal all schoolboys!


At leaders of a rating – absolute receipt

the Lycee of national diplomacy in 2010 has let out 39 schoolboys - lyceum students. 21 from them have left to study to Moscow and St.-Petersburg, 8 - to Kirov, Perm, Tver, Arkhangelsk, two have entered Uhtinsky university and 8 persons remained in Syktyvkar.

the Majority of graduates LND is chosen by economic specialities, hardly the smaller percent stops on the mathematician - to the physicist and medicine. Some go to jurisprudence and on design. The technological lycee in 2010 was finished by 51 persons and all of 100 % have entered high schools. In Syktyvkar there were only 31 %, and 69 % have left to submit big cities.

For last three years, since 2007 - go, from Technological lycee 149 entrants were issued and 90 % from them have arrived on the budget.

For last three years of 113 graduates, and it is 76,2 %, have gone to the high schools which orientation is similar to a lycee profile: the Moscow state technical university of Bauman, the Moscow institute of a steel and alloys, Sankt - the Petersburg university of telecommunications it. Bonch - Bruevich, Sankt - the Petersburg polytechnical both electrotechnical university and a number of others.


the Mean score on a city - 43,63

the Place the Mean score School

1 66,51 Lycee of national diplomacy
2 60,41 Technological lycee
3 54,35 Grammar school 1 (Ezhva)
4 51,06 School 21
5 49,58 School 1
6 48,92 School 36
7 48,5 Grammar school of a name of Pushkin
8 48,19 School 25
9 47,91 Komis a national grammar school
10 47,71 Lycee 1 (Ezhva)


the Mean score on a city - 59,50

the Place the Mean score School
1 72,33 Lycee of national diplomacy
2 70,21 Grammar school of a name of Pushkin
3 66,88 Grammar school 1 (Ezhva)
4 69,13 School 21
5 65,37 Komis a national grammar school
6 64,84 Russian grammar school
7 64,18 Technological lycee
8 62,72 Female grammar school/ school 24
9 62,24 School 36
10 62,22 School 7

Having received the list of schools with most « Checkpoints » points, we have decided to learn from parents of the future graduates – how much they are ready to be guided by results of Unified State Examination.


« Campaigns, debate and discos pokazatelnee Unified State Examination »

- My son now studies in the sixth grade and we plan to be translated to the next year from usual school in lycee at SyktGU. In - the first, it is lycee and level, accordingly, above, than at usual comprehensive school, - considers Anastas Morozova. - Still I pay attention to out-of-class work: departures on the nature, discos, debate on different subjects. Here that is important - environment in which three - four years will be « to cook » the child.


« Behind high points there is a study in high school and career! »

- Yes, I will focus the daughter on an institution which has just entered into the top lines of a rating, - have shared plans with « » mum for the present third-graders Katya. – and just because I know about successes in Unified State Examination delivery in this grammar school. Dialogue, interests, a hobby – all is my child « will gather additionally » at music school and in studio of ball dance where it goes. And at school the main thing – knowledge! For receipt in normal Moscow high school where we would want to send the daughter, we will need such educational institution.